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More Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus~
51. Ask Claude why he poses as a woman in Charlotte's Web.
52. Keep unbuttoning your shirt
53. Pick up every stray cat you can find and invite Sebastian over to play with them.
54. Whenever it rains, follow Claude around and sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider'.
55. Pray before every meal.
56. Take pictures of Claude in his pink pajamas. Use them as blackmail against Claude.
57. Give Claude a bible as a present.
58. Throw cake batter at him.
59. Ask Claude if he has a foot fetish.
60. When Claude orders the triplets to attack Sebastian, play the Pokemon theme song.
61. Ask Claude if he's ever been to Heaven, since demons are supposedly fallen angels.
62. Show Claude 2 girls, 1 cup.
63. Act extremely obsessed with and in love with Claude (Like how Grell acts around Sebastian)
64. Eat ice cream in a very sexual manner. If Claude makes a comment, act mad and call him a pervert.
65. Show him youtube videos of people killing spiders.
66. Spray Claude with bug spray.
67. Ask Claude what he thinks ab
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 490 369
Ways To Annoy Claude Faustus
Although I do like Claude quite a bit, I just couldn't resist making this :D
You may have to watch Black Butler 2 in order to understand some of these.
1. Steal his glasses
2. Stare at him constantly, but don't say a word.
3. When he's washing dishes, tell him he missed a spot.
4. Decorate Alois's entire mansion with pictures of Sebastian.
5. If Claude asks from where or how you got the pictures, tell him that you did a little favor for Sebastian in exchange for them. *wink wink*
6. When you see a spider, take off your shoe and go to kill it. Make sure Claude sees this.
7. Give Alois a Ricky Martin CD and urge him to dance to "The Cup Of Life" ~Ole!~
8. Invite Grell over and talk about how devilishly handsome Sebastian is. In front of Claude.
9. Tell Alois he should have Claude wear a pair of booty shorts as his new uniform attire.
10. Tell Claude he looks like he's the child of Sebastian Michaelis and William T. Spears
11. Ask Claude why he couldn't take the form of a more ominous cre
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 881 2,809
Death the Kid - Juu Mensou :iconkimmi-chan-nyah:kimmi-chan-nyah 14 18
I'll make a Maid out of you.
I'll make a maid out of you. (Mulan Parody - Kuroshitsuji style)
Let's get down to business
To defeat Ciel.
Why'd they send me Hannah
When I asked for Claude?!
You're the saddest maid I've ever met,
But you can bet,
Before we're through.
I'll make a maid,
Out of you,
Quiet as a butler,
But a demon within.
Once you find your center,
You are sure to win.
You're a spineless girl,
Pathetic maid.
And you haven't got a clue.
Somehow I'll make a maid
Out of you.
Claude - I'm never gonna get Ciel...
Thompson - ...
Timber - ...
Cantenbury - ...Are we supposed to talk?
Hannah - This boy's got me bored to death. I hope he doesn't see right through me.
Claude - Now I really wish that I had captured Ciel...
(To be a maid)
You must follow my every order
(To be a maid)
With all the force of my butler Claude
(To be a maid)
With all the strength of Jack the Ripper
Mysterious as the dark side of my past.
Time is racing toward us
till Ciel arrives
Heed my every order
and we might survive
You're u
:iconipwnedanoobonce:Ipwnedanoobonce 7 16
It's Polkka Time :icontoontwins:ToonTwins 1,264 247
The Hanging Tree song (Creepypasta version)
Are you, are you...
Fiends with a proxy?
The tall faceless man
Is watching you and me
Soon we'll be facing a
Young boy named Jeffrey
Here comes, my foe...
Will you, will you...
Meet me and Jessie?
After you survive
The Rainbow Factory?
Some guys were the victims
Of Clockwork and Toby
And tonight, we may...
See Masky and Hoody
Did you...did you...
Meet a pink pony?
She's really gone insane
Why did she go crazy?
Ben Drowned and Rap Rat will
Keep haunting the TV
If we keep, fighting...
I'm sure that we'll be free
Were you...were you...
Playing with Sally?
A guy named Eyeless Jack
Is after my kidney
That image of a dog
Was scary and creepy
Like that mouse, who was...
Abandoned by Disney
Would you...would you...
Show brutality...
Against the man who tries
To hold you sexually?
He offered me a rose
And chuckled lustfully
And it won't, be long...
Until we meet Reggie
Could you...could you...
Always protect me...
Like how that lady Jane
Would protect her Mary?
Some black and white cl
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 228 96
My little butler MLP opening parody
My little butler, my little butler,
my little butler,
I used to wonder what revenge could be?
(my little butler)
Until you formed a contract with me.
Big adventures,
Idiot servants,
Good bye madam red.
Sharing (s)laughter,
It's an easy feat!
a transexual reaper
will make it complete.
Yea with,
My little butler~!
Because you stay with Ciel 'till the end.
:iconxxstrawberryxmisaxx:xXStrawberryxMisaXx 91 35
Kuroshitsuji black butler :icontachiik:tachiik 1,348 213 Stickers: Black Butler :iconforte-girl7:forte-girl7 1,607 82 black butler cheebs :iconwscale:wscale 2,617 104 Their Butler :iconlittledarkdragon:LittleDarkDragon 1,710 456



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